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I live in Hilton, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, with my partner Richard. I’ve worked in wildlife conservation since 1987, initially as an conservation scientist for two Parks organisations, then as a consultant in black rhino research, population management and rhino monitoring training.

This took me to several African countries and many of the best conservation areas in each, where I had the privilege of meeting many inspiring field rangers, wardens, scientists, vets and private conservationists working in rhino conservation. I also got to walk extensively within, and sometimes fly over, these amazing wild areas of Africa.

The natural world in all its diversity has always been my primary artistic (and scientific) inspiration.

I’ve been drawing animals all my life.  I began doing ceramic sculptural work since 2000, taking weekly lessons with Angela Rivett-Carnac and then Mark G Mark when my work allowed.

In 2010, I began exploring 3D computer graphics.

Except for the field of ceramics, I am basically self taught in all artistic aspects, although I have received a few fantastic painting lessons from my mum Anne Adcock and artist Luan Nel.

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